What is Joint point and Point cut?

This is not really a spring interview questions I would say an AOP one. AOP is another popular programming concept which complements OOPS. Join point is an opportunity within code for which we can apply an aspect. In Spring AOP, a join point always represents a method execution.

Pointcut: a predicate that matches join points. A point cut is something that defines at what join points an advice should be applied

These spring interview Questions are not very difficult in nature and focused on spring fundamentals rather than focusing on advanced feature of session management, sprint security, authentication etc. we will cover of those question on some other interview article. I would also suggest that share some spring questions asked to you guys during interview and then I can put together those with their answers for quick reference of everybody.

When you go out to a restaurant, you look at a menu and see several options to choose from. You can order one or more of any of the items on the menu. But until you actually order them, they are just “opportunities to dine”. Once you place the order and the waiter brings it to your table, it’s a meal.

Join points are the options on the menu and pointcuts are the items you select. A joinpoint is an opportunity within code for you to apply an aspect…just an opportunity. Once you take that opportunity and select one or more joinpoints and apply an aspect to them, you’ve got a pointcut.


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